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Twitter is a great medium for staying up to date with happenings in the industry of your choice and making some great connections in the process. Even if you aren’t looking to be active on Twitter it’s a great idea to set up a an account and follow some influential people in your sector to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your industry.

The first thing you will need after you set up your account and find the people you are looking to follow is an app that you can have open at all times on your machine that alerts you to any new tweets from the people you are following. I’ve used TweetDeck and I am currently using the official Twitter App available on the Mac App Store. Both work well though I find the official app less intrusive when a new Tweet comes in.

One of the common uses of Twitter from influencers in each sector is to publicise blog posts (something that is set up for posts from this blog through Feedburner which is now owned by Google), and the best part about Twitter is you can gauge the quality of the blog posts by retweets and discussion around each blog post that is tweeted about, to see which posts deserve your attention if you are pressed for time.

Increasingly I find Twitter being the medium in which I consume industry news over all others, and the community nature of it always points me to information that I find interesting and useful so moving forward I’ll be posting links to a selection of the most interesting blog posts I find through Twitter each week, that I hope you will find useful too.

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