Supercharges Website Development – A Case Study

Recently, a large part of our business (mobile phone, utility, finance, insurance and other comparison software solutions for businesses) has become so important that we had to split it off as a separate business, necessitating the need for a new website to showcase what we can do, so I wanted to do a quick run down of what we did that allowed the site to go together in less than two days, and, just as importantly, the things we didn’t do.

  • First and most importantly – we needed to plan out all the content that will be available on the site, which informs the design. Once we had worked out what we wanted to say it became clear that a single page site would suffice.
  • As always, the blueprint CSS framework was used as a starting point and to allow quick development of the look and feel.
  • We wanted some effects to add to what was essentially a simple site – the library we like for this is jQuery.
  • We wanted a carousel effect to jam more information into the initial screen – there are plenty out there but the best for us was Slides.
  • In order to switch between sections we wanted a smooth scrolling effect – the leading jQuery plugin here was localScroll.
  • We usually like frameworks, particularly CakePHP, however although there are some very useful features that could have helped here, it is somewhat overkill since the site doesn’t store any user or admin data in the back-end, acting simply as a brochure or sorts.

Why not go and take a look at the finished Supercharges project at

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