ProjectPier – An open source way to manage projects online

Several years ago now, I found myself out of the office frequently and a few large development jobs that needed to be completed by everyone in the office so I needed a place that I could publish all of the tasks required on a project to that could be worked through by developers and designers systematically that kept me up to date with their progress.

After much searching at the time I settled for an open source system called ProjectPier. It was written in PHP and easy to install on our web servers, and provided me with a way to outline the rudimentary aspects of a project and the associated jobs quickly and easily. It certainly wasn’t heavy on features, but what it did, it did well. When I sold that business I moved into a more dedicated commercial role and so the software went by the wayside.

Recently I’ve found myself wanting a similar application again, though this time with a few extra bells and whistles (in no particular order):

  • Integration with source code control.
  • Support ticket system.
  • A place to add documentation on the software.
  • Ability to add a timesheet on a per employee basis.
  • The usual project management features (ability to add projects, set milestones, generate task lists, assign task to employees etc).
  • Easy to understand for both employees and clients.
  • Web based interface so that projects could be worked on independent of hardware and software platform and updates could be performed remotely.

So once again after a round of scouring the internet for anything that allowed project management I was pleased to discover that ProjectPier once again came up as the best choice! It seemed that the last time I’d used ProjectPier that it was being abandoned as a project, however it now has a thriving developer community, putting in hard work and covering most of the feature requests you could want, with additional timesheet, wiki and support ticket systems now provided with the latest stable build. The only thing missing from the wish list I had put together is an integration with some popular source control systems, though it may just be a matter of time before that becomes a reality.

And best of all, since the system is open source, it continues to be available completely free of charge. What’s not to like?

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