New via Twitter this week: Domain tasting, social experiments and the return of a marketing genius

As I mentioned earlier, Twitter is becoming one of the best ways to consume news in many markets, and certainly in any industry that is web based. Below are a few highlights that I’ve picked out of my Twitter timeline over the past few days in no particular order.

Expired Domain tasting in the UK via @DaveNaylor

Expired domain tasting was essentially a loophole a few years ago whereby you could take ownership of a domain, evaluate the traffic it received and any money you could make from it (usually by filling the page full of contextual text ads) and then cancel it before you needed to pay for it if it didn’t make the grade.

I remember searching several potential domains for a project on but not purchasing them, only to find them full of a holding page a few days later around this time, which was a frustrating thing to see to say the least. It’s one of the reasons I would now recommend 123 Reg if you ever want to search potential domains and make a purchase.

For better or worse, domain tasting may be on it’s way back, and it looks like it will only be better if you’re one of those doing the tasting.

Isn’t it tweet? via @OrangeTheFeed

OrangeTheFeed is Orange’s foray into interesting experiments in promotion of the Orange brand through social media, and is always good for a follow to see what a major brand that’s a good fit for the social media generation will think of next. The latest idea? Tweet your love story in 140 characters and they will get it made into an animation by cartoonists Tom Judd and Ed Barrett.

The animation’s great and it’s got some serious take up, go take a look. A great example of a seasonal idea done well.

Do nothing for 2 minutes via @delineo

Delineo brought my attention to Alex Tew’s new venture. You may remember Alex as the marketing genius who set up the million dollar homepage. 1 million pixels being sold on (basically) a single page website for $1 each – never going to work right? Well it got up a momentum of it’s own and Alex ended up making even more that $1 million by auctioning the last few pixels, and it still remains to this day a piece of (admittedly ugly!) internet history.

His new idea do nothing for 2 minutes is clearly less commercial, but I can think of worse ways to spend a couple of minutes of my day. Keep your eyes peeled for any innovative ways that may sneak in to keep Alex’s bank balance healthy!

And finally… Software calculates the appearance of the average woman in 41 countries via @Markcpearson

I love seeing clever things done with software, and anything image manipulation based in general so this is an interesting experiment for me. Put thousands of faces of women of different nationalities through a piece of software and create a composite picture of what the average woman looks like from each nation. Interesting stuff – take a look and see what you think!

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