How to fix the iPhone Daylight Saving Time Bug

Recently Apple iPhone’s have been hit by a bug caused by Daylight Savings Time (DST), that has caused alarms to go off at the previous time, even though the software automatically updates the time for all other applications across the iPhone. Despite seeing this bug on the 26th September when DST changed in New Zealand, Apple have failed to patch the bug and it has hit Europe, and now the US too.

I was affected by the bug when the clocks changed in the UK, and managed to solve the problem completely by accident last week. As there was an update coming for the iPhone firmware to version 4.2, I thought I’d sit on the solution as the update was imminent and should fix the problem, however since the update has now been pushed back to the 24th November, and there seems to be some demand for this so I thought I’d post my solution.

As noted, I did this by accident, however I think these are the important steps that caused the problem to fix itself. I’d be grateful of anyone getting in touch who tries this and is successful in also fixing their alarms.

  • As the alarm bug only hits recurring weekday alarms, find your recurring weekday alarm that is the problem, or create a new one.
  • Turn off the alarm in question
  • Let time pass until it is past the time that the alarm should have gone off (obviously this needs to be on a weekday)
  • Turn the alarm back on
  • The next time that the alarm goes off, it will go off at the right time!

Don’t ask me why this worked for me, but it did! Let me know if you have the same success.

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