Your project, delivered as quickly as possible

  • We will consistently deliver new, working iterations of the software you want so you can start using it as soon as possible, see the benefits, and work out if you need any extra enhancements.

Ever hired an IT consultancy to create a project for you and had this experience?

  1. You give them a specification.
  2. They give you a cost and timescale of a months or more
  3. You see nothing other than a few screenshots until…
  4. You see the finished article, and it isn’t perfect.

This is the way that most IT consultancies will work, however our approach centres around delivering your project as quickly as possible and in multiple iterations, and this means that your experience with rndmr will be:

  1. We define a project specification together that can have a meaningful impact on your bottom line.
  2. R N D M R will take those requirements and split them into short achievable milestones, and you are welcome in these planning meetings.
  3. You will get a basic working version of the software in your hands to see how it is working out within weeks, not months.
  4. More software releases will be released in short bursts as more advanced features are developed.
  5. You can offer changes to your requirements throughout as you start to see how the software works in practice that can then be added to the project.