We won’t “re-invent the wheel”

  • We won’t “reinvent the wheel”, if there is already software that gets 90% of the job done, we will use it and build on it to keep your development costs low.

Too many IT consultancies miss a vital step out from their project development, whether purposefully or negligently: Has it been done before?

While there are some truly unique applications that are yet to be developed, the internet is now at a point of maturity where there are several full featured packages and frameworks available for free that can provide many common site functions straight out of the box.

In many cases these applications aren’t a perfect fit, however knowledge of the packages available on the market and how to adapt them to provide added functionality can mean the difference between a 1 month timescale to deliver a piece of software and a 1 week timescale.

Of course a 1 week timescale, would be proportionately less costly than a 1 month timescale so it’s not surprising that this is often glossed over by IT consultancies.

R N D M R is fully aware of the open source products and frameworks available on the market and we use them liberally to quickly deliver robust, well tested software. We know how to adapt them to your needs while adding unique pieces of functionality – this means less cost to you and quicker product delivery, rather than “re-inventing the wheel” and charging you for the pleasure of generating a product that is likely not as high quality.