Only providing valuable services

  • We won’t work with or charge a customer if we don’t feel that the requested job can create a positive impact on your profit.

Too often, we’ve seen IT consultant after IT consultant blindly begin a job requested by a client with an eye on the fee without discovering the drive behind the project conception to begin with.

This leads to software that doesn’t achieve the brief, regardless of how well described the actual software itself was. Yes, it may seem as if the software is doing what is required, but without a true knowledge of the underlying business, several problems are common:

  • Missed opportunities to tie the software to other important business functions, creating more functionality without added cost.
  • Decisions on how best to create the software are incorrect, causing further additions later on, and further cost to you.
  • An end product that creates as much work for your employees as it takes away.

Without truly understanding the underlying business, you can’t get a truly excellent piece of software, but it needn’t be a long process – with the right experience and techniques a business can be understood and a project defined in less than half a day.

Most importantly, this process highlights when a project can truly help a business and the best way to get there, however in some cases the project simply cannot help to provide a profit increase, and knowing that, before incurring costs, is just as valuable as a profit increase itself.