I.T. and Business Consultancy That Works

Ever felt that you are paying an IT consultancy to deliver a solution that just doesn’t help your business? You ask for something, fork out (too much) money and there isn’t any attention paid to whether or not that product is delivered quick enough, well enough or whether it will actually help to markedly improve your business?

R N D M R provide a new kind of I.T. Consultancy, wrapping business consultancy and state of the art project management, with a drive to deliver the best possible solution as quickly as possible to benefit your organisation’s bottom line.

Take a look at what benefits our principles provide for you:

  • We won’t work with or charge a customer if we don’t feel that the requested job can create a positive impact on your profit. Find out more
  • We won’t “reinvent the wheel”, if there is already software that gets 90% of the job done, we will use it and build on it to keep your development costs low. Find out more
  • We will consistently deliver new, working iterations of the software you want so you can start using it as soon as possible, see the benefits, and work out if you need any extra enhancements. Find out more
  • Our state of the art project management and development techniques will mean you can easily define what you want without having to spend hours developing documents to say what it is you want to achieve. Find out more